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A little about me...

Eventique came to life in 2009. I (Emma) at the time (and currently) was working full time as a corporate Events Manager. What started as a side hustle for colleagues’ and bosses weddings, family birthdays, and friends' celebrations gradually evolved into a business of it's own. From humble beginnings with a floral purple logo made in power point and (I’m embarrassed to say) a rustic vintage décor hire collection; I built the foundation of a personalised boutique events service. Over 14 years, Eventique and I have transformed into a well-known, experienced, and trusted events planning service in both the corporate and wedding worlds.

While climbing the ladder in International corporate events roles, I've tirelessly nurtured Eventique in the background always working 7 days and double time to build both my career and business. In 2020, when COVID-19 struck, a new chapter began. The corporate events world paused, and so did Eventique and all events. Locked down, I birthed a fresh idea – The Frosé Cart. It propelled us into the 'Events Services' arena, encompassing events planning, The Frosé Cart, and Tique Spaces, a versatile events space for hire. 

Fast-forward three years, and we've grown, bursted, pivoted and done a full circle back! The Frosé Cart was a success, now sold and passed onto new owners, and Tique HQ temporarily closed as I recalibrate my health and work-life balance. Now, as the world returns to normalcy, I'm refocused on sharing creativity, continuing my corporate events and delivering exceptional weddings and celebrations. I love to create magic and share my passion.

Outside of this crazy world of events and weddings, I love to travel, spend time with my partner, ride my horse and adventure outdoors with my dogs. Getting back to nature, travel and horse riding are how I rebalance and fill my cup. 

How do I work? Creative, transparent, personable, versatile, and passionately. I have a brain full of ideas and thrive when given the creative freedom and full trust. If you're looking for someone on your team who will give 110% from start to finish, let's talk!


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