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A little about me...

Eventique, born in 2009 by me, Emma Cameron – at the time (and currently) a corporate Events Manager. What started as a side hustle for colleagues’ weddings, family birthdays, and friends' celebrations gradually evolved. From humble beginnings with a less-than-stellar floral purple logo and (I’m embarrassed to say) a rustic vintage décor hire collection complete with faux flowers and bird cages; I built the foundation of a personalized and affordable boutique events service. Over 14 years, Eventique and I have transformed into a well-known, experienced, and trusted events planning service.

While climbing the ladder in international corporate events roles globally, I've tirelessly nurtured Eventique in the background. In 2020, when COVID-19 struck, a new chapter began. The corporate events world paused, and so did Eventique. Locked down, I birthed a fresh idea – The Frosé Cart. It propelled us into the 'Events Services' arena, encompassing planning, The Frosé Cart, and Tique Spaces, a versatile events space for hire.

Fast-forward three years, and we've flourished. The Frosé Cart was a success, passed onto new owners, and Tique HQ temporarily closed as I recalibrate my health and work-life balance. Now, as the world returns to normalcy, I'm refocused on sharing creativity, continuing my corporate events and delivering exceptional weddings and celebrations.

Outside of this crazy world of events and weddings, I love to travel, spend time with my partner Josh, ride my horse Noah and adventure outdoors with my dogs Khloe and Freddie. Getting back to nature, travel and horse riding are how I rebalance and re fill my cup. 

How do I work? Creative, transparent, personable, versatile, and passionately. I have a brain full of ideas and thrive when given creative freedom and trust. If you seek events expertise, passion, and creativity for your event, embrace flexibility and open-mindedness and ready to have someone on your team who will give 110% to ensure success, let's talk!


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